Quaker Valley Middle School – Quaker Valley School District

 This project included three large additions to the school where dozens of new classrooms, a new 500 seat auditorium, expanded gymnasium, and a health and wellness addition were added to the school. In addition, a full renovation of the entire 3 story school was facilitated. Approximately 30,000 square feet of space was added to the existing 110,000 square foot structure.  One of the more interesting aspects of this project was uncovering a gymnasium that had been essentially buried beneath the school over 60 years ago.  Specific attention to coordination was especially important in this project due to the size and the multiple prime contractors on this project.  R.A. Glancy & Sons self-performed roughly 30% of their $12.93 million bid.  The total construction cost for the project was about $26,500,000.

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Student Success Center – Butler County Community College

The Student Success Center is a 34,500 sq. ft., two-story building. Among the offices that are located within the Success Center are the welcome center, admissions, financial aid, student counseling services, disability services, career services, the KEYS program, the bookstore, the campus police, the registrar’s office, student life, a lounge, student club offices and the campus newspaper office.  In order to facilitate this project, R.A. Glancy had to reroute existing infrastructure in order to keep roadways open for students and faculty on this campus.

This beautiful addition to the expanding Butler Community College campus started in late May of 2008 and was turned over to the college at the end of July in 2009.  The total cost of this project was $6,200,000.  Of that total cost, approximately 40% of the work was self-performed by R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc.

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Mars High School – Mars Area School District 

In 2009 Mars Area School District awarded R.A. Glancy a contract to renovate and build additions to their high school.  This project started in May of 2009 and final punch lists were completed in August of 2010.  Included in the project expansion were 5 new science classrooms, 3 computer labs and 11 classrooms, faculty rooms, family and consumer science room and 2 art rooms. The high school administration offices, as well as the nurse and guidance suites, were also expanded. Alterations including new flooring, painting and ceilings were completed throughout the remainder of the existing building and 40,200 square feet of space was added to the existing 235,672 square foot structure. All of the renovations to this structure took place while keeping the school open.  In order to ensure the safety of the students and faculty, R.A. Glancy phased the project in such a way to help minimize any distractions to the learning environment.  R.A. Glancy & Sons self-performed roughly 35% of their $5.42million.  The total construction cost for the project was approximately $10,000,000.

The Mars High School Renovation was awarded the Excellence in Construction Award by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Pennsylvania.

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Springdale Jr./Sr. High School – Allegheny Valley School District

From 1927-2009 the Springdale Jr./Sr. High School had undergone dozens of renovations that turned the school into a complex maze of hallways and stairs.  The renovation that began in 2010 remedied the navigational nightmare into one harmonious construction master piece.  The most prominent facet of this project was the construction of a new two story classroom wing located at the end of the existing “tech wing” on the north side of the complex.  This addition provided a moderate degree of separation between junior high and the older high school students.  The first floor of the addition houses consumer science rooms, foreign language rooms, special education classrooms, department storage space and regular classrooms.  The second most prominent element of the project is the new multi-purpose gym.  Although its purpose is not solely athletics, it is large enough to house a regulation size basketball court and can be used to provide physical education space for junior high students separate from the areas used by high school students.

 This project was undertaken while the school was fully operational and phased in a way to limit any disruptions of the educational process.  To facilitate this, R.A. Glancy had to build the new, three story additions within 5 feet of the existing school.  The more complicated aspect was tearing down the existing structure after the new addition was opened.  This delicate demolition process took over a month to complete via precision removal of the exterior façade. 

The total size of the renovations was 127,017 square feet and the total size of additions was 42,935 square feet. R.A. Glancy & Sons self-performed roughly 20% of their $9.926 million contract and the total construction cost of the project was $13,584,445.  The relative cost per square foot was $168 sq./ft. new and $50.20 sq./ft. renovated.

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