Veteran’s Affairs


Veteran’s Affairs

Chiller Plant Replacement – Butler VAMC

The Chiller Plant Replacement project was undertaken with a target schedule of two years until final completion.  In an effort to get the project finished ahead of schedule R.A. Glancy worked an aggressive schedule to get the new Chiller Plant operational earlier than anticipated.  This project involved the erection of a new 4,500 sq/ft chiller plant, coordination of all mechanical aspects of the new utilities being installed, excavation of the distribution lines to the existing building from the new chiller plant, and demolition of the old chiller tower. This $6.86 million project finished ahead of schedule with R.A. Glancy self-performing over 35% of the work.

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Community Living Center – Butler VAMC

The Community Living Center at the Butler VAMC was constructed to improve the lifestyle of patients staying at the Butler VAMC campus.  Phase 3 of the Community Living Center consists of two major wings that connect into the previous phases of the CLC.  These wings house 30 patient rooms, several sun rooms, dining areas, living rooms, and kitchens.  All of these areas were designed and were constructed for full medical care.  This $7.07 million project opened in the spring of 2014.

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Renovate Building 51 – Aspinwall VAMC

This project consists of the complete demolition and renovation of 24,000 square feet of existing hospital space and converting it into a community living center.  Inclusive of the addition to the community living center is an employee fitness/locker room/shower facility.  The keystone of this project is the full medical support systems for patients and staff to enhance a home style living environment.  The CLC is located on the third floor of Building 51 at the Aspinwall VA Heinz Medical Center and required RA Glancy & Sons to work within the constraints of a live hospital atmosphere while complying with all infection control requirements as well as patient safety protocol.  This project also includes a complete replacement of the HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems along with all specialized medical gases, nurse call systems, fire alarms and security systems.  This $5.6 million project is still under construction and is scheduled to complete January 2016.

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Renovate kitchen – Altoona VAMC

The work to the Renovate Food Service Kitchen Project at the James E. Van Zandt Medical Center in Altoona, PA included the existing kitchen area of 3600 sq/ft and associated support rooms of approximately 4400 sq/ft.  The $1.46 million project  included new flooring, replacement of existing ceramic wall tile, painting, ceiling systems throughout, new diffusers and grilles, new steam heating DX cooling unit, new pads for exterior condensing units, new steam lines, relocation of existing kitchen equipment, new lighting, data wiring, extending existing gas, water, waste vents, valves and new power feeders for new HVAC equipment.

Conference Room Walls – Erie VAMC

The Conference Room Walls project at the Erie VA Medical Center involved removing 3 large folding partition walls.  Although short in time frame, many obstacles were overcome involving re-routing HVAC, electrical and other utilities.  This $80,000 project involved an accelerated two week schedule to complete with minimal interference to the hospitals day to day operations.

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