Allegheny Valley School District

February 14, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with great satisfaction that I write this letter to describe and commend the design and build of the nearly 20 million dollar addition and renovation that was completed on Springdale Jr-Sr High School. The building underwent renovations of the music and art suite, gymnasium, multi-purpose room and fitness center addition, and a state-of-the-art two-story classroom addition. The collaboration between our architect and general contractor allowed for the successful completion of a wonderful product that will benefit the students, teachers, staff, and community of the Allegheny Valley School District for years to come.

R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc., the general contractor on the project, worked closely with the District throughout the entire project. Like any major construction project, decisions needed to be made throughout the process to improve the form and function of the renovation and additions. The guidance of Tim Shannon from R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc., his crew, as well as a variety of sub-contractors allowed the District to make educated decisions throughout the build to produce an amazing structure. Occupancy of the various locations throughout the building took place in phases as the areas were finished at different times.

The building looks fantastic and is being utilized by nearly 50 staff members and 500 students on a daily basis. The new space was built well and is holding up to the daily abuse that a public building endures. The great design and quality build allowed for improved educational space, therefore, improved educational experiences for our students.

Should you require any further information regarding the design or build of the renovation and addition of Springdale Jr-Sr High School, please do not hesitate to contact me at 724-274-8100.


Joshua J. Weaver
Springdale Jr-Sr High School

Richland Township

December 23, 2009

Mr. Robert A. Glancy, III, President
R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc.
2361 Venture Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044-7499

Dear Mr. Glancy:

I am pleased to write this letter for your use as reference material. I have served as Richland Township Manager for over 28 years, and have been responsible for administering numerous types of public construction contracts. My experience R.A. Glancy and Sons came from your company being the successful low bidder on the general construction contract for the new Richland Township municipal building. The municipal building. The municipal building project entailed for separate contracts amounting to $3,814,000.

During the construction process your project manager and team of employees took direct responsibility for the project and ensured that the work was completed properly and without delay. I personally appreciate the high degree of vigilance both you and Rob Glancy, Jr. maintained to coordinate the work of the multiple prime and subcontractors. It is not an overstatement to say that employees of Glancy & Sons, on a daily basis, help to solve problems both big and small which inevitably arise on a construction project of this magnitude. The professionalism demonstrated by you and your staff speak well for you as individuals and reflect admirably on the image of your company. Your diligent and conscientious approach to your work is one of the main reasons why our building was opened on time and on budget.

For all of these reasons I would recommend your company to any organization which is seeking professional construction services for projects similar to ours. If any persons you share this letter with have further questions or require additional information they should feed free to contact me.

Good luck in all future endeavors.

Very truly yours,

Dean E. Bastianini
Richland Township Manager


Eckles Architecture and Engineering

February 25, 2009

RE: Osborne Elementary School
Quaker Valley School Distrct

To Whom It May Concern:

Our firm, Eckles Architecture and Engineering, was responsible for the architectural design of the Osborne Elementary Project which was constructed and completed in August of 2007. R.A. Glancy
& Sons was the General Contractor for the project. The school project was a renovation and addition of the original 1970’s era building. The original building area was 64,600 SF and the additions added 30,560 SF.

The Quaker Valley School District had a vision which required sensitivity to the surrounding community and felt strongly that the project include design references that would make the project unique to the area Outwardly, the resulting design concepts included outdoor community play areas with a fanciful theme for kids, and an exterior image that reflected the quality period neighborhoods of the area.

The project interior scope was challenging to design and build. An Arts & Crafts motif was used, along with a Nature Trail theme, to provide color and imagenery for the students. The entire interior layout was revised for a modern educational program delivery. Most of the interior walls were removed or modified significantly. R.A. Glancy & Sons involvement was key to the project’s successful completion. They found ways to efficiently phase the construction in order to meet the difficult construction schedule. Their attention to the construction detailing and finishing was superb and went a long way to making the school a beautiful and long-lasting building for the community.

On the day that Osborn Elementary School opened and had its first classes of students, it was evident that something unique and important had taken place. A community had come together to craft an improvement for many years to come. A highly skilled team of experts had come together to create an excellent building for kids. A school district with vision, Architect with solutions and Builder with expertise all helped to design and construct a great school that will stand the test of time for the Quaker Valley community.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel C. Engen AIA

Osborne Elementary School

February 26, 2009

Mr. Tim Glancy
R. A. Glancy & Sons, Inc.
2361 Venture Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Dear Mr. Glancy:

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to you and your company for your hard work and attention to detail on our new Osborne Elementary School. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company throughout this process. At all times, you were looking out for us, the customer, for economical alternatives, efficiencies, as well as, a better finished project. We were very fortunate that you were the low bid on this project.

Any construction issues or issues between trades were quickly mitigated with positive
results due to your Willingness to work together to build an outstanding teaching and learning environment.

The children of today and tomorrow are very fortunate to have a building that had the
attention and conscientiousness of you and your company.

Again, thank you for your due diligence throughout the process as well as for the follow up after the project was completed.


Joseph A. Morrone, Ph. D.
Senior Director, Administrative Services

Burt Hill Inc.

March 3, 2010

Re: Butler County Community College – Student Services Center

To Whom It May Concern:

We are pleased to present you with the following information regarding the Construction Services that were provided by RA Glancy & Sons, Inc., as General Contractor for the above-mentioned project.

Project: Student Services Center
Owner’s Name: Butler County Community College
Project Location: Butler, PA
Construction Cost: $6,200,000
Total Built Area: 35,000 sf
Number of Floors: Two (2)
Start of Construction: 2/2008
Completion Date: 6/2009

Scheduling and Coordination
The Student Services Building had several unique requirements. The building was placed in the center of Campus and on the main entry and access drive through the Campus. The building placement affected utilities of the surrounding buildings which were required to remain in operation throughout construction. As General Contractor, RA Glancy and Sons, Inc. was responsible for the overall coordination and schedule for the project. Their on-site personnel were able to coordinate and schedule the efforts of all other prime contractor, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection to keep everyone focused on the end goal starting with the new main entry drive. Access roads for committing students were constructed while keeping the old entry drive in operation. Once complete, traffic was transferred to the new entry and construction of the building commenced. The General Contractor was able to coordinate the relocation of existing utilities and the installation of new utilities while keeping the surrounding building in operation. They were able to keep the project on schedule through substantial completion.

The General Contractor prioritized all submittal in accordance with the project schedule, commented on questions and recommendations for components, limited substitution requests from subcontractors, submitted long lead time items, and items requiring color selection and finishes in a timely manner in order to provide the team enough time for review.

Requests for Interpretation (RFI)
When a question arose on the project, the General Contractor submitted an RFI with possible solutions to resolve the issue. Overall, on a $6.2million contract, RFIs were minimal at approximately 30 individual requests.

Change Orders
When a change order was necessary, the General Contractor provided a detailed cost breakdown for the proposed changes in the work. Construction continued throughout the approval process and when necessary, work was completed prior to final issuance of change order.

Quality of Work
The General Contractor executed the project with pride in their work and employing tradesman with the same philosphy.

We here at Burt Hill are satisfied with the performance and service provided to us by RA Glancy & Sons, Inc., on this challenging project. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.


John E. Kosar, AIA
Prinicipal/Chairman Emeritus

Direct Dial: 724.477.1201

Butler County Community College

March 5, 2010

R.A. Glancy and Sons, Inc.
2361 Venture Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044

RE: Student Success Center Project

To Whom It May Concern:

We are pleased to recommend R.A. Glancy and Sons, Inc. on their performance on the Student Success Center Building project at out main campus in Butler, Pennsylvania.

R.A. Glancy and Sons, Inc. was awarded the General Construction Contract for this project. The award was based on the bid price and for meeting the drawing and specification requirements.

The quality of the workmanship is apparent on this project. R.A. Glancy and Sons, Inc. should be proud of the dedication and hard work put forward into making this project a successful story that Butler County Community College can share with the local community.


James A. Hrabosky
Vice-President Finance & Adm.


North Allegheny Schools

April 15, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

As the Director of Facilities/Project Management for the North Allegheny School District, I have had the pleasure to work with R. A. Glancy & Sons on ten major renovation and addition projects, as well as numerous other projects, throughout the District over the last twenty-five years. I have found that R. A. Glancy has been a very good general contractor who has always worked with the District on ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. R. A. Glancy has continued to demonstrate their dedication to quality work and working with the owner on solving various issues and concerns that arise during the course of any project. Based on my experience with this general contractor, I would highly recommend them for consideration for any construction project that you may be undertaking.

If you have any questions concerning this or would like to discuss this in greater detail, please feel free to contact me at 724-713-8282.


Robert F. Gaertner, P.E.
Director of Facilities


Roth Marz Partnership P.C.

March 7, 2011

.RA. Glancy & Sons, Inc.
2361 Venture Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation regarding the construction services provided by RA Glancy & Sons, inc. as General Contractor for the Additions and Alterations to the Mars Area High School Project.

As this project had several prime contractors, it was the responsibility of the General Contractor for the overall coordination and schedule of this project. Their on-site personal were able to effectively and accurately coordinate the efforts of all of those prime contractors to achieve the end goal of constructing an amazing learning environment for the Mars Community. it was the unstinting efforts of their Project Manager, Gary Guzak, who made this possible.

All submittals were prioritized by the General Contractor in accordance with the project schedule, commented on questions and recommendations for components, limited substitution requests from subcontractors, submitted long lead time items, and items requiring color selection and finishes in a timely manner in order to provide the team enough time for review. In a project of this magnitude severe, questions arise along the way. The General Contractor submitted an RF! with possible solutions to resolve the issue.

Although change orders were kept to a minimum, when one was necessary, R.A. Glancy provided a detailed cost breakdown for the proposed changes in the work. Construction remained seamless through the approval! process and when necessary, work was completed prior to final issuance of the change orders.

R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. along with their talented carpenters, concrete finishers, laborers, and management team completed the project with immaculate craftsmanship and professionalism.

We here at Roth Marz were elated with the final product and how the General Contractor was able to construct our vision. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.


Robert L. Marz, AlA
Roth Marz Partnership, P.C.

Mars Area High School

To Whom it May Concern:

it is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of the general contractor, R.A. Glancy 8:
Sons, that completed the Mars Area High School renovation and expansion project throughout the 2008—
2009 and 2009—2010 school years. There are many attributes that make this general contractor a leader
in the construction industry.

Every school construction project runs the risk of depriving the faculty and students of an environment where
teachers can teach and students can learn. From the very beginning, RA. Glancy & Sons worked closely
with the school administration to ensure that any disruption to the students’ educational experience would
be minimal. At every phase of this project, there was a clear and concise communication plan to
implement the scope of the project. Representatives from this organization developed a close relationship
with school administration, this relationship provided for meaningful collaboration to make this building
project a success.

The goal of every school construction project should be to consider how the form of the building will
translate into functional instructional space. R.A. Glancy & Sons played a key role in this goal by staying
true to the architect’s original design concept. On-site, weekly construction meetings allowed for our
goals, needs, and desires to be communicated. When mid-project changes were considered, RA Glancy
& Sons was able to suggest ideas for achieving the end result we wanted while at the same time
simplifying the task at hand. Throughout the process of construction on our project, R.A. Giancy & Sons
not only delivered the product that we were promised but they kept true to the timeline and stayed within
our budget.

I have to give thanks to R.A. Glancy & Sons project manager, Gary Guzak. Through Gary’s leadership, I
found the construction process to be very enjoyable. Gary exemplifies this company’s highest level of
workmanship, quality, professionalism and integrity. it was refreshing to work with a company that
maintained a “partnership” approach throughout the project.

R.A. Glancy & Sons delivered a wonderful building that the students, staff and community can be proud
of. We expect to get many years of excellence in education as a result of this great facility. I have
nothing but the highest praise for this general contractor.


Todd J. Kolson
Mars Area High School

Cranberry Twp New Ambulance Bldg.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as my recommendation of the construction firm R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. As the Project Manager for the construction of Cranberry Township’s new Ambulance Building for Cranberry Township EMS, I had to opportunity to work directly with R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc.

R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. demonstrated a professional and ethical approach during this project. Their commitment to the success of the project was identified by their attention to detail including scheduling, quality control, clear communication, administration, safety and document close out. Their commitment to understanding the importance of a cohesive design makes them a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project.

Cranberry Township was very pleased with quality of workmanship and professionalism that R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. displayed on our project and would not hesitate to recommend them and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

I welcome any specific inquiries to support my recommendation of R.A. Glancy & Sons, Inc.


Timothy S. Zinkharn

Mars Area High School

March 14, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my immense pleasure to write a letter of recommendation to R. A. Glancy & Sons, Inc. for
their exemplary management and craftsmanship associated With the work completed to the Mars
Area High School. As the Mars Area School District’s Superintendent, it was a delight to work
hand-in-hand With their management team throughout the duration of this project. The school
district was very fortunate that they were the contractor Who offered the low bid for this project,

Gary Guzak, R. A. Clancy’s Project Manager, was an adamant professional through all phases of
this project. He efficiently championed the progression of the high school additions and
renovations While coordinating timelines With other prime contractors. His leadership,
construction knowledge and attention to detail were the main reason that this project finished on
time and on budget.

I was very pleased to see specific attention that was put into the safety on this project. On
several occasions When visiting the construction site, I observed the Safety Officer coordinating
safety details With the crew and ensuring the safety of the workers as well as the students of the
high school. The future students of the Mars Area High School Will truly benefit from the
tremendous care and thought put into every detail of the construction process.

Based on my experience With R. A. Glancy, I would highly recommend them for consideration
of any construction project that may be undertaken in the future.


Dr. William G. Pettigrew


A/E on the Allegheny Valley School District

February 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Glancy

RA Glancy & Sons, lnc., the General Contractor for the Additions and Alterations to the Springdale Jr-Sr High School, worked hand-in-hand with Canzian/Johnston & Associates LLC (CJA) throughout the project. The work that was performed was professional, expedient, and of excellent quality; CJA is pleased to present RA Glancy & Sons, Inc.

Project Name: Additions and Alterations to the Springdale Jr-Sr High School
Owner’s Name: Allegheny Valley School District

Project Location: Springdale, PA
Construction Cost: $13,584,445
Total Built Area: 42,935 sq ft (new), 127,017 sq ft (Renovation)
Notice to Proceed: December 23, 2009
Completion Date: September 2011
Phasing and Site Logistics

The project consisted of the construction of three (3) separate additions, the construction of a new separate maintenance building, the demolition of an existing wing of the building, alterations to existing remaining portions of the school and would all have to be accomplished while the school remained in service. A complex site with difficult underlying poor soils resulted in extensive earthwork consisting of engineered backfill to depths in excess of nine (9) feet necessary to prepare the site. The first addition would result in a new community-oriented Multi-Purpose addition and would require the relocation of the gas service line to accommodate both the addition and the associated drive and parking lot. As erection of that addition commenced, earthwork would proceed to the preparatory work for the second addition, a two-story classroom addition built to within three (3) feet of an existing occupied wing of the school. The water utility line would also be reconstructed during this phase of the work, a temporary drive provided that would serve the new maintenance building, used for school deliveries during construction. Alterations to existing portions of the school would be compressed into the summer break, drastically reducing the amount of time afforded to those alterations. With the completion of the first two additions, the demolition of an existing school wing could commence, allowing the construction of the third and final addition, a receiving area for the school. The General Contractor successfully balanced these complicated tasks while keeping all the other Prime Contractors moving forward and allowing the school to remain in operation.


Submittals were thorough and timely, allowing review and revisions in a timely manner. Substitutions of materials were minimal and regardless of acceptance or rejection, the work remained on schedule and the other trades remained coordinated. Open communications between all parties greatly aided the review process.

Requests for Information

When necessary, the General Contractor provided well reasoned RFI’s allowing a focused response that would allow for continued progress in the fast-paced work. Work was anticipated with enough lead time so that RFl’s would not delay work.

Change Orders

When necessary changes to the work were folded into the construction schedule and while detailed cost breakdowns generated, work proceeded while formal approvals were obtained.

Quality of Work

The General Contractors attention to craftsmanship was well received by the Design Team. Their diligence was engendered in their tradesmen and the end result is a school in which the District takes a great amount of pride. The additions and alterations were a long time in coming for the District and the General Contractor’s hard work, perseverance, coordination skills and logistics all allowed for a successful conclusion to the District’s efforts.

CJA looks with satisfaction at the difficult Construction Services that RA Glancy & Sons, Inc. provided for the District. Should further questions arise regarding the work that the General Contractor provided, please do not hesitate to contact CJA.


Dan G. Macek LEED AP BD+C
Project Manager

Fox Chapel Area School District


June 8, 2022




I appreciate your kind gesture.  You have been very responsive long after the project closed out.  That is not something we have experienced with some the contractors we have worked with in recent times.  It says a lot about you and your organization.  I appreciate it.



Daniel Breitkreutz

Director, Ancillary Services

DeGol Carpet – Subcontractor


June 15, 2022

Hello Rob, 

I have always considered you one of the best contractors that I have worked for (keep in mind January started my 49th year in the carpet business). 


David DeGol

DeGol Carpet


2361 Venture Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., ET